We have more than 10 years experience

Througout the journey we have been able to witness the success of our digital strategy

Eleven years
Journey of Insfra in breif

Insfra has been serving its customers for 11 years by way of delivering tailor made solutions to its stakeholders. The company offers mainly digital marketing support and mobile and web based developments as well as entrepreneurial support for communities.

“We value our clients as much as they do theirs. That’s why we say that we care of Customers before Finance”.

Opening  New Doors to business dreamers

Understanding the significant role that IT plays in everyone’s lives and the opportunities lay before, we opened new doors for people who want to be successful in the digital age; The Entrepreneurship Help.

“We believe in the power of ideas. The journeys they can take us that we never imagined we could”

About Insfra

Why you choose us! as Digital Marketing Partner.

Continuous Researches, Analysing Customer Markets and Behaviors, Trends, Prospects and Implementing Digital Strategies make us Special

We do optimization in every space including Search Engines, AppStore and PlayStore, Social Media while ensuring that your brands are reached to the right audience. Because we believe in conversions than the impressions.

10+ years Experience

Insfra has worked with many customers around the world for
11 years.

Experts in SEO

We will bring you to the top of the search results and increase web traffic

App Store Optimization

We will make your app be among the most downloaded apps in App Store


Each member holds expertise in their area. Friendly, Professional and Dynamic

What we promise to the highest quality services

We use AI-based analytics & internal monitoring systems to analyze the digital performance

We design the best path for your business to be profitable

We welcome our clients sharing their pains with us as we know our expertise in digital and IT can bring proper solutions.

Get Entreprenurship Help and grow together.

Share your entrepreneurial thoughts with us. We will help you to make them a reality with our entrepreneurial program

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We are happy parents of newly born Priwoo and Kodex. The ones who took the initiative to come to us with a new idea and became entrepreneurs under our roof.

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latest news

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Priwoo, the First Company under USH

Priwoo Labs, The first startup under the guidance of Uva Startup Hub was launched.

  • Entreprenurship
  • 23.09.2019

Insfra joined with Uva Startup Hub

Insfra Technologies joined with Uva Startup Hub and the USH office is at Insfra HQ.

  • Uva Startup Hub
  • 20.05.2019

Grand Opening of Insfra HQ, Badulla

Insfra Technologies moved to its new own office at Colombo Road, Badulla.

  • Insfra
  • 01.08.2018