Preparing for your success, we find pleasure giving the solutions.

Our passion over inspiring both businesses’ and individuals’ lives with the advancement of technological environment is what has driven us to who we are today. We put our IT expertise and excellence into practicality so as to fit into our clients’ equirements thereby we find pleasure in doing our business.

We help transform the world's most important businesses into vigorous, agile organizations that anticipate the agile unpredictable.

Meet our key
team members

The names behind INSFRA could not be kept behind as they play big

Kosala Sandaruwan CEO, Co-Founder
Madusanka Premaratne COO, Co-Founder
Sampath Thilakarathna Chief Information Officer
Radika Thilakarathna Chief Marketing Officer

Our Vision & Mission


To be the company that best understands clients’ requirements and bring them innovative solutions to reach their success through our services


Our mission is to enrich businesses with innovative web and mobile development services while providing digital strategy to help them gain a broader market share, making the society more advanced and connected together.

What Makes Insfra

  I   nspire people

  N   avigate our clients to success

  S   olve customer problems

  F   acilitate clients in every aspect

  R   edesign future

  A   ppreciate Quality

Check where Insfra
is located at.

Insfra is equipped with three branches serving IT, Marketing & Research and Development


Insfra Head office is located at Bandarawela Rd, Badulla. In the head office of Insfra we have to seperate departments as Administration and Marketing.


Engineering and Research and Development Department of Insfra is located at Gangodawila, Nugegoda. There we have the main Engineering Department of Insfra.


Marketing and Administration Support Team is located at Maharagama and they closely work with Marketing Department at Head Office while suporting customers.

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